Buy US Dollar with Debt Card / Credit Card

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I want to buy US Dollars with debt card / credit card, or get vouchers for accommodation before leaving Australia. Any Ideas??


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Depends on what you want to do. If your worried about exchange rates or overseas fees.

I like the Qantas Cash card as i get points. Others say its terrible conversion rate ect.
There are things like the 28 degrees mastercard credit card that has no annual fees and no overseas transaction fees.
ANZ have a similar travel card with some perks like lounge access and no overseas fees and debit card with just standard rates with no perks.

Im sure there are heaps of reviews on here in the credit card section that are a good read and offer some insights.


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In the past I did find that Qantas Cash exchange rates were not competitive. Recent checks I have made showed the opposite. Today for USD, QC : 0.7545, ANZ : 0.7512, NAB : 0.747, Westpac: 0.746.

The ANZ travel card transaction free purchases applies only to purchases made in the local currency, which is no different to Qantas Cash. If you are not trying to avoid exchange rate risk by pre-purchasing, then a card that does not charge exchange fees is the better option (just considering costs not points).

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