Priority Pass 'crackdown' at SYD

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Bob Burgess

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Many readers here would be familiar with the $36 credit available at selected food and drink outlets at Sydney and Brisbane airports when you flash your Priority Pass card or smartphone app. AusBT has written them up here for Sydney and here for Brisbane.
I have Priority Pass membership through my Amex Platinum card, AusBT lists cards with free PP membership here, and I have made a habit of using my $36 credit on the Sydney end of Sydney-Melbourne trips. No such f&b discount arrangements in Melbourne yet, sadly.
The partner cafes and restaurants, which PP actually lists as lounges on its website and app, have to date not asked me for a boarding pass and sometimes once they know I am 'paying' with my Priority Pass credit have encouraged me to spend up to the full $36!
However this morning the staff at Bar Roma at SYD T3 asked to see my boarding pass, I think there may be a crackdown on people using the $36 credit when they are not actually flying, maybe if they are coming to meet a friend or colleague who is travelling and they are shouting them lunch at the restaurant.
They are in fact supposed to sight your boarding pass, the PP terms & conditions say "Admittance to lounges is strictly subject to cardholders and any guests, if permitted, being in possession of a valid flight ticket and travel documents for the same day of travel." Again, PP calls these outlets "lounges" on its website.
You should still be able to use your boarding pass from an arriving flight, as the t&c's above don't state anything more than it being a valid document "for the same day of travel." This is also what I do sometimes on arriving into Sydney in the evening after a day trip to Melbourne, I will grab dinner at the airport, Movida at T2 is especially a great alternative to the Virgin lounge.
Just sharing this for information of everybody here, additional data points for other PP users at SYD and BNE might be helpful.


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Interesting...I use my allowance at the noodle bar outlet in SYD T3 and other than the rolling of the eyes as they get the separate machine out to process the card - have never been asked to show BP.

I have been asked a few times to order more from the menu so as to make up the allowance!


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Multiple reports confirming Bar Roma staff had been instructed to check for boarding pass before serving PP customers.


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so what? they should be checking you have a boarding pass!!!! Its in terms and conditions!! Anyway haven't used this yet at SYD SYD is a rathole of an airport and just cant compete with MEL which may be old but which functions beautifully! Prefer to use AMEX lounges and airline lounges


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I get same benefit via HSBC World Elite Mastercard. I did wonder if I could use on arrival. Any experience of using on arrival when asked to show boarding card? Was it accepted? Can you use Qantas Club lounge on arrival (if you have QF status)

Bob Burgess

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Update: I showed the boarding pass for my inbound flight from Melbourne to Sydney on Friday evening at Bar Roma, the staffer did quibble that I wasn't flying out from Sydney but I pointed out that the Priority Pass terms & conditions didn't specify it had to be an outbound boarding pass, just a valid boarding pass for travel that day, and that I planned to have dinner at Bar Roma before heading home, at which point she 'backed down' and accepted my use of the Priority Pass.


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Multiple reports confirming Bar Roma staff had been instructed to check for boarding pass before serving PP customers.


Multiple reports from where? I've only seen it reported here several times but nowhere else.

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