• The thing is, few people are likely to leave Qantas to fly with Virgin if Qantas do not enforce the rule whereas many people (like me) would choose Virgin over Qantas if Qantas do enforce the rule.

  • In Europe (where there is more competition) airlines invest in bigger overhead storage to ease the pain rather than enforcing draconian rules to make passengers life a misery .

  • Are cabin crew in Australia built differently to those in Europe (where weight limits for cabin baggage are much more generous) or is Australia a less competitive market for domestic air travel?

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    Nov 21, 2018, 10:33 AM

    Is there any way to ask Virgin Australia to influence acceptance of applications for this card? I've been rejected 3 times even though I have no obvious credit issues and I'm a Platinum Velocity FF. I even have a Coles card with Citi so they can see that I spend a reasonable amount and pay it off...

  • I am on a Getaway VA Fare from MEL-SYD this Friday on last flight of the evening. I am Platinum Velocity. Are they likely to allow me to fly ahead despite the fact I am in cheapest fare class?

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  • I was actually in Economy but the same applies. There are also fewer J seats so less chance of a Reward Upgrade (I didn't get a reward upgrade).

  • I'm flying back to Sydney from London tomorrow via Perth. Before booking I checked that the Perth Sydney sector was on an A330. They've now switched it to a 737. This is really annoying. It is a very different product. Do Qantas recognise as an issue?

  • Originally Posted by Ourmanin As mentioned - pretty much no chance I'd have thought. Worth a call perhaps to see, but I would adjust your expectation levels to their lowest setting. To be honest my expectation levels are set very low. I'm just wondering if there are any options. Who might I call...

  • Has anyone ever had any luck getting Qantas to switch Emirates metal flight to Qantas outside normal process?I'm flight to London on Wednesday evening on EK metal with QF flight number (in Economy). I booked EK because I needed to leave in the evening. Booking was made with AmEx travel to use my ...

  • Fly Freedom and Get Gold

    Mar 08, 2019, 12:50 PM

    Did anyone else get caught out with Virgin Accelerate "Fly Freedom and Get Gold" promo. They said flights had to be booked and flown by 28th Feb but they are now saying claims had to be made by then too. I realise that they said that only 500 Pilot Gold memberships were available but I think it i...

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