hello, intending to do adl-sfo with nz in sept.

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intending to do adl-sfo with nz in sept... doing adl-sfo in one booking is 1500, splitting out the booking and doing adl-akl and then akl-sfo comes in at 1200. question. the connection in akl is 50 minutes, guarunteed if your on the adl-sfo booking, but if i do it as two individual sectors, can i check bags through in adelaide to sfo and be guarnunteed boarding, cheating their system?


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Yes you can.

last year i flew with NZ form ZQN-WLG-LAX-LHR all made on seperate bookings so I could get more status points for the seperate flights rather than having them all under one booking in which i wouldn't earn nearly as much. In Queenstown i just gave the check in chick all my booking references and she checked my bags all the way through to London as well as gave me my boarding passes. Just make sure 'SFO' is on your bag tag lol.


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Yeah you can, I did that with a connection to Mexico with Air NZ, SYD - SFO with a separate ticket to mexico city and it was all connected through. 

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