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  • I cancelled an award booking using Qantas points for an Emirates flight yesterday. Annoyingly, you cant usually cancel these online, you need to call, for which I waited 4 hours.They were happy to cancel the flight and refund the taxes and ALL points, there was no penalty at all.Just to be clear...

  • i have an almost identical situation, FCO-ADL early May with Qatar using QF points.Rang Qatar to change, they said they couldnt, - ring Qantas.I assume Qantas wont be able to change it to any date i want unless there are award seats available (of which they are none).

  • Through my experience recently, the confirmation came back with an "ON HOLD" and no e-ticket number.Three weeks on, and its still on hold. When I called Velocity, they said that the seat wasnt available and didnt know why their website was showing that it was.Very, very frustrating.

  • Be careful with Velocity. They display phantom SQ seats that aren't bookable . I have learned the hard way recently . Even if they show seats available you won't get it confirmed - your advised to check availability on KtisFlyer before booking.

  • Terrible treatment on QF3

    Jun 07, 2019, 04:34 PM

    Originally Posted by TZB88 Sorry, I just don't buy this line. The perceived victim always exaggerates the level of victimisation. I expect there was an operational requiring shuffling of seats. Two and two in business class is a hardly a major issue? "I was almost laughed away, saying 'we gave i...

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