Virgin Australia partnerships with airlines in Hong Kong, China

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I am a little confused about the state of Virgin Aus' partnership with Chinese airlines Hainan, Hong Kong, Tianjin and Capital Airways...

As a Platinum Velocity member I think I can earn frequent flyer points / SCs flying these airlines, but there don't seem to be any other benefits advertised (e.g. lounge access, priority check-in etc).

Can anyone enlighten me on the status of this partnership? And, have any VA FFs travelled with these airlines with a firsthand account of the experience? Many thanks


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As the partnership is rather newish the haven't worked out the final details yet. The plan is to have status benefits across all the airlines by the end of the year which might still happen but otherwise, it'll be early next year.

I'll be watching it closely and it'll be interesting to see what happens as the current arrangements at the Gold Coast are just shocking espically when Virgin Australia has a pefectly good lounge for Hong Kong airline passengers to use.


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I flew on HK airlines in October BKK/HK. They wouldn't let me in the lounge which was disappointing. I reread the partnership announcement and it says lounge access coming in weeks (in July).

I suppose next year is a certain number of weeks away from July but i would think saying weeks and it takes longer than a month or two is very deceptive.

Anyway only 23536 minutes until christmas :)

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