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I will be flying SIN-HKG, with reward seats only available on Cathay's 773 with the Regional Business configuration (2-3-2). What are your experiences with this seat? By the looks of things, it may be worth booking Premium Economy on Singapore Airlines instead (no Business availability) and saving 16,000 points. Am also *A Gold so will have lounge access, etc. The CX Regional Business product appears to be quite average...


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I found it to be comfortable enough for a few hours, and the food was decent. To be honest, having the latest business class seats on a route like this wouldn't make a really big difference to me, except for maybe overnight flights.

If you look up 'Point Hacks Cathay Regional', you'll see a review article by me which covers the 773 Regional J on a similar flight from Japan.


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For me personally, for a flight this length - I don't view it compelling enough to book J. Besides, SIA's prem economy is comparable to Cathay's business class seat. The only upside for booking J is that you'll get to experience the new Cathay lounge in Changi (unsure if it's open yet!?) - but since you're a gold depending on your alliance - you may get entry into the lounge regardless.


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I fly MAA-HKG 2-3 times a year (as part of BNE-MAA), if there are last minute aircraft changes, i use the regional business class seat instead of the traditional A330 1-2-1 config which is awesome.

Even though everyone may say there is no need for 1-2-1 for shorter flights (say 3-6 hrs), i politely say "you have to get to the airport 1-2hrs early, then catch the flight and on the other side there is another 1-2 hrs before you get to hotel/meeting and most parts of asia, the flights are midnight or you travel through night more than during the day, so a flatbed is usually very well appreciated by business pax. I think CX charges pretty well for these flights too. I would'nt mind a 2-3-2 or 2-2-2 regional business class if it is a day flight even for 4-6hrs, but night flights are another story.

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