Which OneWorld airline to code AA flights to?

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Hi Everyone,

I live in the US, and have qualified for AA Exec Platinum (OW Emerald) for 2018. I have also already reached the 200k miles mark, so have received the additional 4 SWUs. Now I see no reason to code my upcoming AA flights (NYC-PVG in J and NYC-MIA in Y) to AA.
Wondering what would be the best OW airline to code my upcoming flights to?
Often fly home to australia with QF/AA/CX, and fly to Europe with BA. All of these 4 airlines I already can transfer miles to with Credits cards, but wondering if anyone knows the best to code for status or max points.
Thanks in advance.


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Perhaps consider lifetime status achievement.

Are you likely to achieve this one day? It would be hard to do it with multiple airlines so i guess pick one that you likely can do it with.
I believe BA is the only one that has lifetime OneWorld Emerald. But then you need to fly with them a lot.

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