Time to clear immigration/customs from international non QF to QF domestic

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Help/advice please - We are flying into CBR on the new QR Doha to Canberra flight next March, scheduled to arrive at 0830. We would like to book 1100 QF flight to MEL - will this be enough time to clear immigration and customs and then check in for MEL flight please? I understand MEL checkin closes an hour before so that would leave an hour and a half for immigration/customs/collect luggage. We have UK passports so understand can use E-gates and travelling J both flights if that makes a difference. Many thanks


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Canberra does not show up in the list of airports that have SmartGates on arrival. It is very likely that you will have to queue up to an immigration officer instead.

Sorry can't comment on how long it takes.


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As dimi said no smart gates in Canberra. But I've flown J class into CBR with Singapore Airlines many times and I am getting into a taxi to go home within 15 minutes of getting off the plane, I love it so quick. You will have time to check in for your next flight.

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Domestic check in for flights in australia is 30mins cut off (including bag drop off, for all flight numbers above 400) unless your aircraft number is from 1-399 (QF) which is 60mins. Australian Immigration is one of the quickest even if you do not have smart gates option. Baggage delivery is also very efficient. I would be surprised if it took you more than 30mins from getting out of your seat in the aircraft to be at the check in counter at Canberra domestic.

Welcome to australia (Too late for the ashes though ;-) )

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If you're departing internationally from Canberra there are SmartGates, however. Interesting that there are none for arriving passengers!


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Just an aside the CBR QR flight is an extension of DOH -SYD so would CBR passengers clear immigration and customs in SYD as per LAX connections or remain on board and clear in CBR. If the former then Pandra will arrive as a domestic passenger in CBR so lots of transit time.


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Canberra is a small and very well run airport. Even if your flight is an hour late, you'll likely be fine. I once landed internationally and was in my own bed 20 minutes after walking out of the plane door.


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Thanks everyone, that’s really helpful. Good to know it’s a 30 min cutoff (its QF 853), and it would be an added bonus if we do clear immigration & customs in SYD - it’s classed as a technical stop and is only an hour so won’t count on it though.

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