Masters Adelaide for Airport Parking?

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I'm thinking of leaving my car for a few days at the now vacant Masters Home Improvement centre carpark at Adelaide Airport.

Since going bankrupt the centre is now vacant with no signs or gates on entry. It's about the same distance to walk as the long term car park.

Has anyone done the same? Any reason why I shouldn't?


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I've done the ikea park overnight a couple of times but no longer than that.

Unless I'm flying for >7 days, I tend to just use short term parking (I'm usually flying with at least one offspring so it makes it easier). If you book online, it's not too much of a shock.
Security would be my biggest concern at the Masters site.


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As above security would be my biggest concern too. I also wouldn't rule out the council giving you a parking fine or worse. I just did a Dummy booking for halfway through next month and you are looking at Approx $48 for a 3 day stay in the Long Stay uncovered section.

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