Missing link in First Class service

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I have seen several videos of the fabulous SQ First Class/ Suites service in Singapore. Limo to the airport, staff waiting at kerbside , baggage taken , escorted to dedicated check in , dedicated check in , escorted to First Class/ Suites lounge , waited on for meals in special lounge etc. This is wonderful BUT. When it comes to going to the gate to board you are on your own. After such incredibly great service this surely should be by buggy and escorted . So many times I have seen videos of First / Suites Pax waiting in line with J class. If one is to pay such a Premium price for Suites then surely SQ should fix what is a breakdown in their impeccable service.When one arrives in the Lounge SQ staff could ask when they want to board and be ready to take them to the Gate when the time arrives.Sure it's a First World Problem but when one is paying so much perhaps we could expect a bit more service to make it seamless.After all First Class Suites is an experience never to be forgotten by the lucky few so why not make it perfect?


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I think you having to haul yourself to the gate on your own is so you can walk off some Krug and Foie Gras to make room for your caviar on the plane ....

Rod H

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Never thought of that !!!! Probably the best reason there is ! First world Problems Eh....


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You most certainly can get a buggy, there is almost always one at the bottom of the lift, to be fair though If I'm about to fly say Sin - Frankfurt even in the suites class, I don't mind a walk to stretch the legs.


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Hi… you can actually request a buggy to pick you up from the staff in the private room, it’s not advertised but is available (they only have one available).

SQs boarding is particularly bad in Sin as they call 1st/Business/PPS and Gold at the same time (at least from my experience) or they call 1st (10 second wait), Business (10 second wait), PPS (10 second wait) etc. As most people are already queued the priority passengers then can only add to the queue.

A first world problem yes but other airlines in other countries just do it better, if FRA for instance the staff make it very clear to remain seated till your boarding group is called. The result, quick and efficient boarding.

SQ in my opinion is definitely losing its sheen as a truly premium airline but who does it better?.


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Spare a thought to Ryanair in the UK when it first started up and they had no seat reservations (and boarding wasn't via an aerobridge). You would regularly see people literally running across the tarmac to be the first to board.

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