Access to First Class lounge on arrival at Heathrow

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I'm arriving at Heathrow in January on a BA flight and flying in First Class and I have about 7 hours to kill before check in at CBD London hotel. I have 2 questions: 1) Am I able to access the BA First Class Lounge (Concorde Room I think it is called)? 2) How does collecting luggage work - i.e., do I need to get luggage and then go back to the Lounge? Any insights would be appreciated?



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there is an arrivals lounge in T5 - you have to collect luggage clear immigration etc and follow signs once out in main terminal - it has loads of showers and offers food - but is dry! no access airside to the concord room - for departing only


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There is a BA Arrivals lounge, which has a small separate Concorde Room breakfast area. No Concorde Room access unless connecting to another flight from T5.


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Why not pre register your hotel for an early arrival


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The signage for T5 Arrivals lounge is non existent. We spent half hour walking around trying to find it until a nice BA worker pointed us in the right direction. The lounge was well worth a visit.

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