Garuda Business Class - LHR-CGK-MEL Advice please

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I am travelling in mid January and would like any advice on seat selection and any tips or anything to look out for.

Any advice on lounges? I am also a priority pass and Amex Platinum card holder.

Many thanks



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On your LHR-CGK leg the seats are staggered, I'm assuming you are travelling by yourself so pick seats that are either numbered 'A' or 'K' as they are closer to the window and much more private rather the 'C' and 'H' seats which have little privacy.


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I did this route a couple of times a few months ago. Both times, almost empty in business class for the LHR-CGK leg. Garuda has excellent service great food and, to my mind, one of the best Champagne Rosé.

The good news is I think that now the LHR-CGK should land at the new terminal 3;even if it does not have the charm of the previous landing terminal, it should be better. No idea of the Garuda lounge in T3 but the one in older terminal was modern and convenient (and freezing cold because of AC).
However, the lounge in London is pretty average, shared with many other airlines and both times I was there, very crowded. Garuda guests can ask for free champagne at that lounge, not offered to all airline guests.

On the CGK-MEL last May it was still be in A330-200 with a 2-2-2 configuration. Almost lie flat seat. Busy business cabin on that leg. I checked and it looks like they are running at the moment on GA716 a 1-2-1 config such as in their 777 with fully flat. I hope you will still get these in Jan.

I think that Garuda still does not provide pyjamas in business class (from what I remember)


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I also flew this route earlier this year and I agree with many of Hbrown's comments - GA offer a great J product, especially on the 777s. I had the 2-2-2 J class on the A330 to MEL, which was perfectly adequate (though obviously the 777 layout is better)

No pyjamas were offered.

However, I found the GA lounge in CGK to be awful - freezing cold, dark, dirty and poor food. It didn't help that the long connection meant many long boring hours there! So hopefully you're in a new Lounge, which I am sure would be much better given they are making such an effort to position their brand upmarket.


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LHR-CGK is deIfinitely on the 777 and A330-300.

I did have a look at the lounges at CGK online and it didn't look great. The lay over on the return trip is very long, I will make sure I have my laptop to so I can catch up on work.

Is there on board WiFi on these planes?

Is the movie selection any good or should I download something to bring with me?

I read on a review they are all subtitled.

As regards seats, I will definitely go for A or K. Are there any major avoids, like the front ones are near the galley and noisy or the back is by the toilets and noisy?

All your help is very much appreciated.

Thank you


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Just booked GA today for MEL-LHR for mid April 2018, returning 1 May and transit times in CGK both ways are around 90-130 minutes. Its a case of picking the days when the connections are tight-ish.

Niall, use Expertflyer to see the equipment scheduled for your flights and the seat layout, then use Seatguru to identify which seats may be problematic.

Further, look at where the toilets are located. Avoid the rear row in front of the toilet set and galley -its not that bad in truth, but there are better seats. At the front the toilet is typically forward of the galley on the left, so 1K can be a better seat than 1A. (also generically avoid the last row in J class as the economy bassinets can be just behind you).

I have no experience on GA, but on many other airlines the forward galley is deserted outside of meal times so its quiet, whereas the crew use the mid galley for their meals and admin. That said, buy some high grade earplugs as they solve many issues.

Enjoy the trip, you are not in economy on an american airline!

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You can also upgrade J CGK-LHR to First for about $350-$400 each way via the Garuda website.

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