EK Lounge Access at Sydney Airport

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Hi all,

So I am a QF Gold travelling from SYD to DPS on QF metal on a QF Flight number in Y could I access the EK lounge?

And what are the rules on partners?

Thanks, motef


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You can try but don't hold your breath.

Despite the reviews on this site stating that you are eligible, I have been denied access even when travelling in Business due to the fact that my QF flight wasn't codeshared with EK. Perhaps it comes down to the staff member on duty at the time but I imagine it is a new rule as I've been told the same thing on three separate occasions.

If you did manage to get in I don't think they would allow a guest.

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Considering how restrictive Emirates seems to make lounge access to their own Skywards customers (unless they are willing to pay USD for the privilege) I'm not surprised by the above.

I think your gold status may be more relevant than your J ticket here. The Qantas website has the following section regarding Gold Tier benefits with EK:

"Benefits with Emirates:

As a Qantas Gold Frequent Flyer, when you travel with Emirates between and within Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Australia. Ensure your Qantas Gold Frequent Flyer membership number is in your booking to receive...."

but a few points further down that section it says....

"Lounge Access
Enjoy access for you and one guest to Emirates Lounges throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, whenever you fly with Qantas or Emirates. In Dubai, you and a guest may enjoy the luxurious Emirates Business Lounge... and in other airports, the Emirates Lounges"

There a bit of ambiguity considering the whole section starts with 'when you are flying with emirates' but then goes on to say 'when you are flying with Qantas or Emirates' in the section about the Lounge access. Maybe give it a read yourself to see what you think, but anecdotally from stoffel's comments, maybe EK staff have new rules? Might be worth giving the FF call centre a bell to confirm with them you access rights? You could always try showing the EK staff the Qantas website if they refuse (which I'm sure they love too).

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I have been told by a friend who is QF gold in a similar situation that the EK lounge staff would push back initially and direct them to the QF business lounge but when told that they wanted to use the EK lounge as it is closer to their gate, they were let in. Never tried it myself.

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