Scoot Wifi now billed per MB packages

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It seems another airline has gone to the data used instead of a timed access.

Scoot used to provide 1hr, 3hr or 24 hour packages but they've recently released new packages with a data limit instead.

20MB - US$5.99
50MB - US$10.99
100MB - US$17.99
200MB - US$32.99
500MB - US$65.99

Prices are slightly cheaper if purchased online when booking or through the manage my booking.

It's quite a concern as Etihad did it first, now Scoot and possibly Singapore airlines next.


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This is a major step backwards. Is this an attempt to get more revenue from the service, or is it costing the airline too much (ie people are using too much data?). If the latter, then could it block streaming data hungry services? OR they have a MB service from which you can stream, and a time based service from which you can only email and web browse?


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I suspect it's as a result of people consuming more and more data (which costs the airlines more) and uses up the available bandwidth making the service quality suffer.

Even using it just for email you certainly wouldn't want to be auto downloading attachments or pictures, or have your phone auto update from the app stores (which is often default on WiFi connections)

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