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I have a booking on the SQ 232 next Monday to Hong Kong, however Sydney Trains might strike on that day so I have arranged a friend to give me a lift to the airport, only he will be dropping me off before 5am just in case.

If the strike is on and I need to be lifted by my friend, then I will be 7 hours early to my flight, and before mine, there's SQ 212 leaving at 9:05am.

In this case, can I just show up at the counter and ask to fly ahead of my scheduled departure, should seats are available? My ticket is P class and I am Velocity Gold, will that help me to get priority standby?

I understand the immediate connecting flight SQ 872 does not have S Cabin, so if I decide to fly ahead, would that mean I still need to wait at Changi until there's a flight with S Cabin available?

I have book the cook on my original flight, if I fly ahead, would that mean the meals I've ordered will go to waste?

Finally, do I need to show my Velocity card to have lounge access? Or the boarding class which shows 'Partner Gold' would be sufficient?

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Singapore Airlines does not have a fly ahead system like Virgin and if you want to fly on an earlier flight you'll need to pay the fare difference.

Some ports like MNL, BKK, and CGK (even Perth) are known for having an unofficial fly ahead and it really just is based on the staff at the airport and how they feel on the day. You may also have more luck if you mention you had to arrive this early based on the train strike.

Velocity Gold won't get you priority standby as Singapore airlines don't operate like VA or other US carriers that allow for on the day standby but it will let you check in at the priority counters which depending on Signage will either be the Premium Economy counter or the Business class counters (look for the Star Gold sign).

If they do move you to an earlier flight from Sydney it will only be the first leg so expect to ask again in Singapore (and most likely be denied) which could lead to those 7 hours being spent at Changi instead. As for the book the cook I'd remove it to have any chance as there less likely to help moving someone with pre-ordered catering then someone who doesn't (just my 2 cents but not official).

Finally provided you've just entered your VA number then it will display "Partner Gold" which in Brisbane and Singapore was more than enough to access the lounge. It won't display "lounge access" like it would if you were a star gold and this can sometimes create confusion but I'd expect all the Australian lounges to be up with the different VA originating oddities.


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If there is space (in any booking class) SQ allows go-show (fly ahead) in any class. You will loose book the cook. Works from any airport, no need for status etc.

Have been doing this for years (and in fact this week from Sydney - it still works)

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I have never had to pay for flying early with Singapore,if there is a seat available you get it. I have been doing this for about 7 years. I will say that book the cook is normally lost as they require 24hrs before for that service. Gold will get you priority over non gold if that helps, and i have found also wavers any cost.

Carry your card just in case, although most cards are digital now.

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