• Qantas has opened flight bookings to/from UK / LA from 1st November, same schedule as the 15th November re-start.

  • Ah that is an improvement - I was flying form Sydney (but did think why on earth not bring them with you!). Good to know for a future trip. 

  • Something worth noting - the return meal (Norfolk to Sydney or Brisbane) is just some cookies - in Business and Economy - as Norfolk Airport can't offer food for planes. It does make Business less appealing on the return flight. 

  • Can't come soon enough - I'd be very happy to do this, stay at home, work at home, Woolies delivery - to allow me to start what is becoming critical business travel (critical for future of my business and staff, not critical to the government). It seems a bit of a no-brainer. 

  • Is there some merit on wait and see (if you can) for international flights? As Qantas terms say they will refund 'if we cancel your flight and cannot offer you suitable alternative arrangements.'? - on the basis they will be flying very few planes abroad, if any. Noted in my booking to SFO in Ap...

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