• I know from what you’ve said in the article it’s incredibly unlikely, but I’d like nothing more than Virgin to return to the LAX route - the frankly sub-par service, food, wine and ‘you are privileged we have let you fly with us’ mentality Qantas has adopted out the ...

  • Qantas has opened flight bookings to/from UK / LA from 1st November, same schedule as the 15th November re-start.

  • Ah that is an improvement - I was flying form Sydney (but did think why on earth not bring them with you!). Good to know for a future trip. 

  • Something worth noting - the return meal (Norfolk to Sydney or Brisbane) is just some cookies - in Business and Economy - as Norfolk Airport can't offer food for planes. It does make Business less appealing on the return flight. 

  • Can't come soon enough - I'd be very happy to do this, stay at home, work at home, Woolies delivery - to allow me to start what is becoming critical business travel (critical for future of my business and staff, not critical to the government). It seems a bit of a no-brainer. 

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