British Airways Gold Guest List: the unofficial guide

By Brandon Loo, May 27 2019
British Airways Gold Guest List: the unofficial guide

Much like Qantas Platinum One, British Airways’ Gold Guest List is reserved for the most regular of frequent flyers who can rack up more than 5,000 Tier Points in a single year.

By comparison, the base-level Gold status, already equivalent to Qantas Platinum and Oneworld Emerald, is earned with 1,500 Tier Points per year.

Gold Guest List isn’t a separate level on its own – it’s more of an enhanced offering for high-flying Gold members, but you won't see it mentioned too often on BA’s website.

Here’s a look at the many new benefits that come with the shiny Gold Guest List card.

How to earn Gold Guest List status

You’ll need to earn 5,000 Tier Points in a membership year to qualify for Gold Guest List (GGL), and then 3,000 Tier Points to maintain the status every year thereafter.

Sydney to Singapore one-way earns 140 Tier Points in business class and 210 Tier Points in first class, while Singapore to London earns 160 Tier Points in business class and 240 Tier Points in first class, each way.

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Here's a tip to get you started: you'll accrue fewer Tier Points if you take BA15/BA16 straight between Sydney and London via Singapore, and continue your journey on the same flight number: earning just 240 Tier Points in business class or 360 Tier Points in first class each way.

Compare that with 300 Tier Points in business class by changing between different British Airways flights in Singapore, or a whopping 450 Tier Points for doing the same in first class, and this strategy quickly helps to gain or retain that status.

To earn GGL status from scratch, a traveller would have to fly Sydney-Singapore-London return at least six times in first class if booking on different flight numbers, or up to eleven times return in business class if flying solely on BA15 and BA16 all the way.

Failing to requalify for Gold Guest List in subsequent years will usually see you dropped down to Silver status instead of Gold, because GGL is an extension of Gold status rather than a completely new tier.

If you’re game, lifetime Gold Guest List status is possible at 100,000 lifetime Tier Points, which is at least 112 return Sydney-Singapore-London flights in first class. Space them out once a month, and you'll get there after nine years and four months.

Australian travellers can't currently sign up to British Airways Executive Club with a local address – you'll need one abroad for that.

Lounge access for Gold Guest List members

A Concorde Room Card is yours for the first year of GGL membership as the qualification threshold for that card is also 5,000 Tier Points.

Concorde Room London Terminal 5
Concorde Room London Terminal 5

This unlocks the doors to the Concorde Room lounges in London Heathrow T5 and New York JFK with one guest in tow, as well as exclusive areas in other lounges such as the Concorde Bar in Singapore.

British Airways Concorde Bar, Singapore Changi T1
British Airways Concorde Bar, Singapore Changi T1

In future years, your GGL status will renew at 3,000 Tier Points but you’ll lose your Concorde Room Card if you don’t hit 5,000 Tier Points again.

Wherever British Airways has its own Galleries First lounges or business class lounges, you’ll be welcomed in with up to five guests at a time. Additionally, you can take one guest into BA-owned arrivals lounges when coming off a British Airways long-haul flight.

Refresh at the British Airways Arrivals lounge, London Heathrow T5
Refresh at the British Airways Arrivals lounge, London Heathrow T5

Perks for Gold Guest List members

There’s plenty to get excited about when becoming a GGL member.

You start off with two ‘Gold Guest List Redemptions’, where BA will try open up reward seat space for you and up to four accompanying guests in the class of your choosing – it’s even possible in business and first class, subject to availability. A third redemption is given at 6,000 Tier Points.

Unlock extra redemption seats in British Airways first class with Gold Guest List
Unlock extra redemption seats in British Airways first class with Gold Guest List

One redemption can cover multiple flights on a return journey, such as Delhi-London-New York-London-Delhi. Of course, you’ll need to have enough Avios (BA frequent flyer points) to cover the route and number of people travelling.

Hilton Diamond status also comes gratis. Unlike Virgin Australia Velocity Platinum which offers it as a one-off boost, Diamond status through GGL will last as long as you maintain your Gold Guest List membership.

Each year you’ll also gain two Executive Club Silver partner cards (equivalent to Qantas Gold and Oneworld Sapphire), plus one Executive Club Gold partner card (equivalent to Qantas Platinum and Oneworld Emerald), to give out to friends and family.

Other handy perks include being able to share some of your Avios with any other member for free and having a dedicated team at British Airways who will deal with any aspect of your travel experience.

Additional Gold Guest List rewards

After reaching each of 7,000, 8,000 and 9,000 Tier Points in a single membership year, you can choose one of three rewards:

  • Upgrade Voucher for Two, which gives a one-cabin upgrade on a booking, including return flights
  • Another GGL Redemption opportunity
  • 50,000 bonus Avios

This is in addition to the Gold Upgrade vouchers that members would have already earned on their journey to GGL:

  • One Upgrade Voucher for Two at 2,500 Tier Points
  • Two Upgrade Vouchers for One at 3,500 Tier Points

Upgrade Vouchers are all subject to reward seat availability in the higher cabin but can be used for confirmed upgrades at the time of booking, or by calling British Airways.

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10 Apr 2015

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Unfortunately they now decline the Concorde Card at the Singapore 'Concorde Bar' (they use to accept it), it can only be used at LHR T5 and JFK.

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You cant be a member with an Australian address. Unfortunately no executive club membership for Australian residents.


08 Oct 2019

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I have to say, after attaining GGL this year, I'm hugely un-impressed with the service or any change. In fact theres no difference. I cant find the number to get hold of them for the life of me, took a month for them to get any new cards to me or the family and generally bit of a damp squid. A month in, still no Concord card. Just booked my next flights on Qatar. Huge opportunity missed out on.

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