Luggage allowance on multi-country codeshare trip

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Hi guys!

I have one question regarding international luggage allowance on a multi-country trip involving codeshares.

I have a 5-segment trip coming up, and I was wondering about the baggage allowance that I would be subject to knowing that I am QF Gold, and therefore the Sapphire OneWorld status.

Among the 5-segment trip:

- 1 BA segment on an AA plane (from the US to Europe). Both AA/BA websites state that there is a 1 free bag allowance (23kg), with a second free bag for Sapphire members, is that correct?

- 1 QF segment on Air France plane (QF3978). The AF website states that there is a 1-bag allowance, with a second free bag for Flying Blue Gold (which I happen to be), will I get the second bag for free through the Flying Blue Gold for a trip booked through Qantas?



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Hi GW, sounds like an exciting trip you've got there! On your American Airlines flight, you are permitted to check in 2 free bags up to 23kg in weight.

For your Air France flight, since you bought it on, I believe, you are intitled to the Qantas baggage allowance "as if you are flying on QF metal," they say. I suggest you check on the Qantas Baggage Allowance or bump Air France on Facebook or Twitter.

Good luck and happy flying!


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Please confirm the class you're flying in. From your question it would appear to be economy class?


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Your baggage allowance is primarily that shown on your ticket. If you are flying on a QF flight number, you will get the extra QF allowance for Gold. If it is on an AF aircraft you will not get any Flying Blue extra allowance. Similarly, if you're on a BA flight number you will get the BA allowance for Sapphire. Check all the individual carrier's websites and print out the allowances to show at check-in, should you have any dispute with the check-in staff who often work for contractors and don't always know all the correct details of allowances.


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Assuming you're flying in economy. For the 1st segment, an extract from the AA website:

"The following passengers will be allowed a 1st and/or 2nd checked bag at no additional charge provided it falls within the size and weight limitations. These free checked bag allowances apply on flights operated by American Airlines, American Eagle, and AmericanConnection®.

- oneworld Alliance Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby members"

For the 2nd segment:

I believe you will be able to get that second free bag. Baggage rules of the operating carrier tend to apply irrespective of the marketing carrier’s rule. Since you are an elite member of the AF/KLM programme, your status should be recognised, even though your ticket has a QF flight number. Consequently if you’re only a QF Gold flying QF3978 in economy you would not get the second bag free.

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