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Hi Everyone,

Have just reached QF Gold / OW Sapphire for the first time. Just wondering if the Oneworld App is the best way to identify which lounges are available at which airports or is there a better way to do this


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I didnt even know there was an app.

I similarly use the oneworld website "airport services" section to search for what services are available at the airport im visiting. I assume thats what the app does. Typically QF will list the lounge they use / thats available on the QF site in the qf club locations or the app in the trip section.

But the oneworld website is typically what i use.


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Congratulations on making it to OW sapphire, I also tend to visit the website under airport services to see what’s available. And then also consult the Qantas website. But I’ve just downloaded and had a play with the app. it’s far better user experiance than the website. I’d use the app while on the move (the option to search by current geolocation and by airline is cool!) and use the website if you are already near a computer but I would expect the info to be the same across both.

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Have a look at the LoungeBuddy (iOS) app. It’s sometimes a bit out of date but good developed world coverage and tells you what gate the lounge entrance is near which can be surprisingly useful.

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Another vote for the Oneworld website - there's a handy search option on the homepage where you whack in the airport and then click 'lounge' (or similar). The Oneworld website is particularly useful for airports where contract/third-party lounges are used (independent lounges as opposed to those run by Oneworld airlines), because those are places where special rules apply, as you may only be able to access certain lounges when flying on certain Oneworld airlines.

It also spells out the rules for each lounge (handy for the Qatar Airways lounges, for example).

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