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Flying to India via Dubai in F and J. My wife eats fish and prawns but no other seafood and doesn’t eat any meat. She also hates pasta. Any recommendations on what meal choice she should select in advance (e.g. seafood) or do you think it would be safe for her to try her luck with the normal menu. No other food issues but she loves fish (hence is reluctant to select vegetarian) but is scared if she selects the seafood option for example she will get lobster.


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Hard to say as the menus vary too much. Next time you can fly an airline like SQ that will let you "Book the cook" and select your main.


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The route sounds like Emirates, or possibly Qantas + ? to India. Emirates publish menus in advance on their website for F and J.


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Hate it when I'm stuck with lobster...


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Kale and quinoa I think is your best option. Smashed avo on the side in F

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