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This is a warning about booking accommodation through Qantas' hotel booking link on their website. Recently I booked accommodation in Broome using this method - primarily to use some of my FF points. The confirmation came back, with the rider that this booking was FINAL and no alterations would be accommodated. There was NO refund under any circumstances. Problem was - they - Qantas, or whoever, had confirmed my booking with the incorrect date..... wrong day and month.. Upon contacting them to request they change it to the correct booking details, they assured me this was NOT possible.... and refused to accept the wrong booking was their mistake, not mine.... It took me about two days to make any inroads to this mess. I actually booked direct with the hotel, and wrote to them telling me that the previous booking in my name was never going to be used, and explained it was Qantas' problem.. They had NO problem changing the booking, without penalty. I also accused these booking people of stealing both my money and my FF points, and that this would be taken further.... Finally, after several days, they emailed me to say they would refund both the money and the points.... My advice, Buyer Beware... Don't use the points for this....... ..


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how do you know you didn't enter the wrong date when you selected it?


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I have booked 50+ hotel stays through Qantas Hotels and have never had a problem with them. I had to make an alteration to a booking in the minutes after booking and they allowed it over the phone.

The reason I book through them is generally they will be the same price as hotel websites, I lock in the cost of the trip without any forex costs from paying at the property and each stay comes with a nice serving of points. Previously earning hotel points with the different brands didn’t give me enough of their points to make a difference, however nights booked through qantas still count as qualifying stays, at least for Shangri la and Hilton.


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As best I understand, the Qantas Hotels booking page sits on top of HooRoo and feeds what the user enters on the page through to the booking I'm not sure how or why a browser page passed the wrong details to HooRoo...

I use Qantas Hotels for probably 95% of my bookings (around 80+ nights) per year and I've never had an issue. The platform prompts you many times to confirm dates, rates, and hotels...


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I am with the previous two comments. Booked plenty of times over the years with Qantas Hotels, mix of points and cash, and never had a problem. It is a fully automated system, there is no manual involvement, so it is pretty hard for them to have messed up the booking. Seperate the actual hotel policy from the Qantas booking policy, they are completely different. (As are the purchasing conditions from Hotels Combined, or the other sites).


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We have booked hotels in USA, Hawaii, London, Germany, Indonesia, France etc through Qantas all without any difficulties. Obviously where their options state "No refunds/cancellations etc" that applies. When we unexpectedly needed a car in Hawaii last year, even though we had flown Jetstar, we found the car booking last minute through Qantas so much cheaper than the island's options.

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I use Qantas Hotels from time to time where it makes sense for the points (particularly for non-chain hotels where you'd otherwise miss out), and have only had one problem with them: when they forgot to pass my booking onto the actual hotel I booked, despite giving a Qantas Hotels confirmation and charging my credit card.

Fortunately the hotel had a room available on the day I checked in, and was eventually able to sort it out the billing with Qantas Hotels (so that I didn't have to pay for the same stay a second time), but if the hotel had have been full, I'd have been sleeping elsewhere! Complained and Qantas refunded $50 of the booking cost, so not a terrible outcome.

Otherwise has been fine, and points generally post within a month or so of check-out. Also like that Qantas doesn't levy any credit card surcharges on hotel bookings which can also make them cheaper than paying the hotel directly (or paying through the Virgin Australia Holidays hotel portal which adds 1.3% to the price).


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I would book aprox 130 nights a year using the Qantas site, never had a problem. Easy to cancel if necessary (booked with that option avail) and know where I stand if the booking states - no alterations/cancel.
I just wish they had more coverage in rural areas.


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I have probably used it 100+ times and not had a problem except every year they stuff up my booking for the hotel I stay at for the F1 at Albert Park. Cant wait to see what happens this year!


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I was going to use them for a stay last night, but despite their best price guarantee they were $15 more than going to the hotel direct. I couldn't be bothered arguing with them but I do hate places that lie about having the best prices.

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So you entered the wrong date and then had a whinge when you realised on a non-changeable booking and expected them to waive fees because of your mistake?

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