Overnight connection domestic to international checked luggage

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I’ve just booked a flight that goes from Melbourne to Christchurch via Brisbane. Arrives in BNE in the evening but don’t depart for CHC until the next morning (will catch up with family in Brisbane). Trying to work out if I’ll need to collect my bags and take with me or if they’ll check through from Melbourne all the way and store them overnight in Brisbane. The latter is preferred and what I’m expecting but just wondered if anyone has any experience with this.



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It varies. I just had the same experience in the US and they said it was only same day connections (not overnight even if within 24 hours), so well worth checking.


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The bags will only be checked through to Brisbane. There might be lockers that you can use though. I did something very similar a few months ago with a <24h stop.

The Qantas email said:
You have have to collect your bags upon your arrival into Brisbane and recheck it in again the next day as this is considered a stop over and not a transit.


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It depends on the airline and this is one of the downsides of qantas. With Virgin it will hold onto checked bags overnight.

(last time, last year I had a checked bag)


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Damn, I was hoping they would be stored at the airport as one of them will be a large ski bag. I don't know why they consider it a stopover - I booked it as a connecting flight (ie. using the return flight option, not multi-city option) - it's not my fault it happens to be an 11 hour connection! Also annoying considering BNE is a 24 hour airport, so I could technically remain in the airport if I chose to.


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The lockers are not ideal - it would mean either I have to store bags at domestic, then pick up in the morning and head to international, or alternatively take them over and store at international the night before. Either way that will add at least 30 minutes or more either side. Might have to book a 4wd rental car just to take the skis with me!

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Now that Emirates have handed most NZ flights to Qantas, does anyone know if Qantas plan to fly to NZ and return at a more reasonable hour?

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