CGK - travel between terminals?

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G'day - I have a rather tight connection at CGK, in on Garuda at T3 then a departure on Qantas from T2. Can anyone tell me how travel from T3 to T2 is done, and how long it takes? Thanks!


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Last time I was in Jakarta there was a free yellow shuttle bus, this was a few years ago though. I'm not 100% sure it's still a thing. Here is some info I found

It took me about 1 hour transit time via airport shuttle to get to the other terminal, but this was from the old rather inefficient Garuda terminal, they now have a new terminal.


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The easiest and cheapest way is the interterminal bus, look for shuttle bus signs in blue, it is free but somewhat sporadic.

Once the bus comes its about a 15 minute ride as it will go to T1 first

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I am in CGK as we speak, the city, not the airport. I arrived on Friday 16 March, now they have a new Sky train similar to what you see at SIN. The train comes every ten minutes to shuttle passengers in transit. The ride takes about 5 minutes. The new train also takes you to a new train station after T2, from where you can catch a local train to downtown Jakarta, in the Thamrin area that is, if you every stay in the future.


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I was in the new Terminal last november, but the train wasnt open then and I didnt transit between terminals (never have, never will) What I can see its very efficient, well signed etc, and I do recall reading about the new transit services.

I suggest checking out the Jakarta airport website for the terminal transit information. If it makes any reference to the new airport train, then you can be certain its up to date.

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I just returned from CGK yesterday. We flew with Garuda to T3 and caught the Sky train to T2 to catch QF42 to Sydney. We had 3.5 hours between our flights and we just made it comfortable with 45 minutes for us to get a bite and some rest in the Pura Indah Lounge.

T2 actually divided into different sections. QF flights are at T2D

It took us 1 hour from the arrival gate in T3 to QF check in counter in T2D so anything less than 2 hours between your flights will be difficult as I outline below.

T3 is a huge terminal used exclusively by Garuda, it has U shape with the planes parking wing tips to wing tips. T3 has about 30 gates or so. From the Domestic side the Gate 11 is in the middle of the U and closest to the exit (which we had luckily on our arrival). However if you flight arrives at more distant gates then more time is needed. We took a flight out of T3 a few days earlier and our departure flight was at gate 24. It took us 20 minutes of walking after security just to get there.

Sky Train runs by a time table, it certainly was not every 10 minutes. I recalled seeing about 3 trains per hours only. I just missed one train as I arrived at the platform at it was about 15 minutes or more before the next one arrive.

The Sky Train platforms are also outside of the terminals so factor in at least 5 -10 minutes walking especially when you arrive at T2 with all the renovations occuring at present.

Final Tip, if you are travelling in J and still have time, head to Pura Indah Lounge instead of the Premier Lounge as stated in the invitation. You will be welcome there and it is much better than the alternative.

Good Luck


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I want to add that we were travelling with carry on only.

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