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  • G'day allDoes anyone have any feedback on how the current US Government shutdown is affecting arrival/departure at LAX?Thanks, appreciated

  • Airport Hotel Terminal 3, Jakarta

    May 27, 2018, 02:48 PM

    Does anyone know if there is an airport hotel at Terminal 3, CGK? I regularly transit thru CGK and have used the hotel at T2 but am now transiting in and out of T3 (overnight layover) so would prefer not to have to head out and back to and from T2. Quite frankly the T2 hotel is a dump anyway. Che...

  • CGK - travel between terminals?

    Mar 16, 2018, 04:19 PM

    G'day - I have a rather tight connection at CGK, in on Garuda at T3 then a departure on Qantas from T2. Can anyone tell me how travel from T3 to T2 is done, and how long it takes? Thanks!

  • Originally Posted by MarkJohnSon You must be new to the Frequent Flyer game. You absolutely do not get the benefits of the higher-cabin rates if you upgrade using points. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in such a open and sincere manner. See you next Tuesday.

  • G'day - can anyone tell me if the FF points and status credits earned for flying in a higher travel class are the same if you use points for an upgrade, as the FF points and status credits earned by booking the ticket in the higher class?Thanks in advance!

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