How will the US government shutdown affect flights at LAX?

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G'day all
Does anyone have any feedback on how the current US Government shutdown is affecting arrival/departure at LAX?

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Generally unaffected but noticed a bit less staffing then usual. This is likely due to some poeple calling in sick until they are paid, but TSA claims wait times are as normal.


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Can't comment on LAX but have flown into DFW and out of PHX this week with no noticable issues or delays.

The only difference was TSA was using the Walk Through Metal Detectors instead of the body scanners, but I don't know if that was related.


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flew through LAX yesterday, didn't notice a difference.


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This is now the longest US Government shutdown in history - and is showing little in the way of immediate resolution. Time to 'bed down' for more theatrics - and the effects of this are starting to emerge.

Given that the shutdown is in progress, there are very few Government employees flying on Government business right now, so that may start to become noticeable at check-in and luggage collection. That could be a bonus of kind in some ways. Ultimately, it is already beginning to hit US airlines and their domestic revenue models. See today's downgrade of AA and the general inability of US domestic carriers to reprice airfares.

Also, think about airport traffic controllers.

However, with most 'essential' Government employees ie: TSA, Immi / Customs now set to miss their first pay-check today, there has been a noticeable trend of Govt employees (non-essential) signing up for unemployment benefits (reported on MSNBC today). How long will it be before 'essential' workers start to desert their posts if this goes on for weeks or possibly months? In a society that lives 'pay-check to pay-check' employees still need to put food on the table, gas their cars etc. While essential employees ultimately will be paid for their completed work retroactively *after* the shutdown is resolved, the common question is how long will this go on? In another two weeks or so, it could well be conceivable to see some 'essential' workers leave their jobs and look to other pastures where they actually get paid when their salary is due.

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