QF and AA checked bags

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Hi, I have bags (unusually for me) to check between the USA and Australia. I’m on one (paid) Qantas ticket for the whole trip; to Aus via DFW.

First leg to DFW is AA then QF to Sydney.

Unusually, on the qantas website, the AA flight shows no baggage allowance and the QF flights shows the usual 2 checked bags for free.

Has anyone in this community seen such a thing before? Usually an international flight with one world connection gets you the domestic legs with the same baggage allowance as the international sector.

I know Qantas has been doing this on reward redemption tickets but I’ve not seen it on paid tickets before (albeit I don’t usually look as I don’t usually check bags). Is this a mistake on the QF website?

Any insights appreciated!

(Economy ticket, Plaitnum QF status)


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The Qantas website is often inaccurate with displaying baggage allowances in my experience.

Chris C.

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As Qantas is the 'most significant carrier' on that trip, the ticketed Qantas baggage allowance will apply to your entire journey from wherever you begin with AA prior to your connecting Qantas flight.

Under those rules, that may mean you can't take advantage of any higher baggage allowance on the basis of your Platinum status which may otherwise apply if checking-in directly with Qantas, but AA has its own higher allowances for Oneworld Emerald (Qantas Platinum) members anyway, so in short, you'll be fine!


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Thanks folks - yes, it worked fine with bags checked and no difficulties.

I look forward to qantas fixing it’s website backend to get this stuff right! :-)

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