Best OneWorld lounge in BKK?

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Best OneWorld lounge in BKK?

I am Qantas Gold (OneWorld Sapphire) FF, flying Royal Jordanian from BKK-AMM in Economy.

Also, since RJ uses Thai Royal Orchid Lounge for its Business pax, is there any way I can use it?


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I do not think you can access the TG lounge however, you can use either the joint BA/QF business lounge or the CX business lounge. I would go for CX as I rate that lounge higher than the BA/QF biz lounge (whereas the BA/QF First lounge is in my opinion the best of the lot!). Lounge is located on Concourse D and I believe there is also one on concourse G.


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Interesting point that you've raised. I was once rejected entry into the BA lounge at DFW, when flying AA. The lounge was not a BA operated lounge but used by BA pax departing DFW - I'm OW Emerald.

As in your case, I'm uncertain if I would have been granted access had I been flying BA instead of AA. Interestingly I was allowed access to the CX lounge at SIN when flying QF, even though that lounge was not a CX operated lounge. 

That is however besides the point since oneworld policy offers blanket access to to Sapphires and Emeralds when travelling on flights marketed and operated by oneworld carriers. Consequently I believe entry hinges on the understanding of the term "lounge offered by any oneworld airline". In particular the definition of "offered" as understood by oneworld.

Does "offered" mean; 1) Operated by, OR 2) Being made available?

This is the passage extracted from the oneworld website.

"oneworld lounge access for frequent flyers by tier status

Enjoy exclusive access to premium airport lounges around the world with oneworld Emerald or Sapphire frequent flyer tier status. Members of oneworld airline frequent flyer programmes with the equivalent of oneworld Emerald or Sapphire tier status can use any lounge offered by any oneworld airline when departing on any flight marketed and operated by any oneworld member airline, regardless of cabin class being flown."

Any thoughts anyone? Is this something oneworld has to clarify?

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Babushka, you've run into the contract lounge problem — these are very rarely included in alliance agreements, though you may have luck with a bit of pleading/arm-waving. 

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You should receive an invitation to the TG lounge when you check in. There are several to choose from; I suggest visiting one to satisfy your curiosity and then retire to the QF/BA lounge - you will have access. Assuming you're on RJ181/183 it will be open at that time for the BA departure. IMO It's better in every respect than either of the CX lounges which are small, offer mediocre F&B, are often crowded and don't even have toilets.


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@Happy Trails

What happens if you're not given an invitation, in the case of a connecting flight with another carrier. For example SIN/BKK on SQ and you have been checked through to AMM (I'm assuming for this discussion that SQ and RJ have an interline agreement). I'm just curious...

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If there's a oneworld lounge at your connecting port then just showing your card and BP will be sufficient. If a third party lounge is involved then I don't know. Might be able to get an invitation at the transfer desk.

Definitely won't get any benefits from SQ on the first leg.


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Thanks Happy Trails.

I tried looking up the OW website to see if there were contact details, where I might pose this question and seek clarification. However the website only directs you to the contact pages of each individual carrier.

What is the current OW framework to manage queries regarding cross-carrier customer experience?

What is the remedy when interpretation of OW rules by carriers is inconsistent across the alliance?


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I wouldnt bother with the CX lounges, they have limited food/drink and didnt seem that worth it to me - The QF/BA first lounge, although small is the best (i reviewed it here: ) however as a Gold you wouldnt have access. Thus I'd say go for the BA/QF Business lounge, which is pretty good if there arent too many people around. 


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I always ask at check-in for the lounge invite if I am not 100% sure entry will be allowed. If no invite, proceed to lounge with BP and OW card and winning smile!  Usually works.


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I am relatively new at flying business class, so I was very excited to have lounge access when departing BKK in January 2015. I visited the QF Business lounge, the CX lounge as well as the JAL lounge. The CX lounge was a huge dissapointment - tiny selection of food, small lounge with few amenities other than Wifi. I would compare the CX lounge to one of the shared premium lounges at a regional airport. The QF lounge was quite big, and is a good standard as far as large, mainstream lounges go. Good selection of food and drink, great amenities. Due to my flying CX the QF staff actually kicked me out (which was interesting as I misunderstood their instructions and stayed past lounge closing). I then visited the JAL lounge. What a beauty. While it was a little bit smaller than the QF lounge, the JAL lounge was adorned with large, comfy leather chairs and oriental-style wood panneling. The food was plentiful although it should be noted the portions are small - sushi and dessert cubes seemed to be the norm. 

My summary:

1st place - QF lounge (big, international style lounge)
2nd place - JAL - a luxurious boutique lounge with great furnishings
3rd place - CX lounge - to be avoided even if flying CX

Incidentally I have been to the Thai Airways Business class lounge and it is very very good - better than the QF lounge. On top of the showers that are available they also have a 'nap room' so you can get some shut eye. I can't imagine how nice the Thai first class lounge must be!

As far as access, if you are flying J or have OW status you should be able to smile and charm your way in. 'Saving face' is very important in Asia so rarely will the locals stand up to you if you politely advance your case as to why they should grant you entry.  

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