• Having frequently traveled between SYD and TLV for years, I concur with Joe above. They are convenient in terms of direct connections to Israel (or one stop from Oz), but the quality of their hard product (regardless of class) is not what you'd expect from any Aussie, Asian, European or (God help...

  • Interlining with 3 separate flights, on 3 separate tix, on 3 separate carriers :)I'm wondering what my chances are on getting this done for me so I don't have to collect baggage and clear customs at each stop. I'll be flying: SYD-BNE on QF Then have 2.5 hours between landing in BNE and takin...

  • China's 72-hour visa-free stopovers

    Feb 21, 2014, 05:32 PM

    Does HK count as a "Third Country" for this purpose?Can you fly SYD-PVG stay 71 hours and then fly to HK as your final destination?  

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