• I'm sure all the meat & 3 veg crowd have had any number of Indian dishes, and Italian, which have been meat-free without even realizing it!On a long disance flight your digestive system will thank you for bypassing meat too.

  • Just not worth it for a short holiday of a week or less. Their testing requirements are completely OTT and will deter many from visiting.

  • SmartTraveller has never been that smart. It could be a really useful resource, but it is pretty much the opposite.An example is the silly booklet accompanying new passports. Its 'advice' is so generalized  it is useless. I guess it's that way to avoid much need of updating for 5 years or so.

  • Would agree with arranging collection at the capital Passport Office.I lodged mine for Streamlined processing at an Adelaide suburban PO with Registered Post home delivery.Great news; passport processed in 10 days and in the post. Just track it!Deathly silence from AustPost for a few days; then m...

  • A step in the right direction!  Will Cathay offer some reward seats on these flights?Will flights to ADL resume? (Previously there was daily flights, with 2 on some days.)Regarding transits through HKG, in addition to the conditions outlined here, one had to have the onward  ticket on t...

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  • COVID-19 vaccine - paid options

    Jan 30, 2021, 03:03 PM

    I doubt whether one will be a able to buy a vaccination.However, if you have the right friends, or are a Liberal Party donor, you should be able to sail to the head of the line without any problems for the vaccine of your choice, free, I imagine.

  • The only passable pickup zones (tiny ones) at T1 are the ground level Disabled Zones, which are unknown to 99.99% of passengers, and relatively quiet. Even they are policed by a traffic dalek who is itching to find a reason to move you on :(

  • PE is a pretty good default option. Assume that will be what you fly, and an upgrade will be a pleasant surprise!

  • Bronze is as good as the tin can the beans came in. QF PE is good, but not as good as when it was first offered.Upgrades depend on load, but Bronze are bottom of the barrel if allocations are tight, as they are for most flights  these days.

  • Is carry on baggage a pain?

    Jun 27, 2015, 11:28 AM

    I find other peoples cabin baggage is the pain. Haven't they heard you can check-in stuff?

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