• Improving the functionality of the website to allow more transcactions to be completed on-line would help.Also " at the moment"  doesn't cut it either. It's been dire for over 2 years. Never ever had my phone  (landline) go dead mid-conversation because the battery of the cordless hands...

  • I'm booked on a E190 ADL-BNE direct for next week.

  • And does Japan consider Australia is a country where Covid is under control?

  • Finnair really bungled the Bus. seating on the otherwise great A350.  Put in extremely narrow business seats with footwells the size of a (triangular) dinner plate. Very uncomfortable for sleeping on long-haul which the A350 is earmarked for. Current A330 is better if you are lucky enough&nb...

  • Very useful article. In the age of Covid however, I try to book a hotel where the window can be opened even a little bit, and turn the a/c OFF. Assistance by a staff member to unlock the window may be required. As long as you keep the a/c off the hotel should really have no objection.I pose this ...

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  • BKK Transfer - not same PNR

    Feb 27, 2022, 02:13 PM

    Can you get anyone to join the 2 flights on airline in different (or none) alliances? Seems a bit of an uphill task, but the experienced TAs in our midst would likely know.Otherwise, in my opinion the trip is a non-starter, unless you can manage HLO.

  • COVID-19 vaccine - paid options

    Jan 30, 2021, 03:03 PM

    I doubt whether one will be a able to buy a vaccination.However, if you have the right friends, or are a Liberal Party donor, you should be able to sail to the head of the line without any problems for the vaccine of your choice, free, I imagine.

  • The only passable pickup zones (tiny ones) at T1 are the ground level Disabled Zones, which are unknown to 99.99% of passengers, and relatively quiet. Even they are policed by a traffic dalek who is itching to find a reason to move you on :(

  • PE is a pretty good default option. Assume that will be what you fly, and an upgrade will be a pleasant surprise!

  • Bronze is as good as the tin can the beans came in. QF PE is good, but not as good as when it was first offered.Upgrades depend on load, but Bronze are bottom of the barrel if allocations are tight, as they are for most flights  these days.

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