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I am planning to fly Singapore to Colombo. Is chauffeur drive available in Colombo? Thanks


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No. They don't offer the service in Colombo.

FYI: If you google "Emirates chauffeur drive" the top link is the Emirates websites that lists all the locations the service is available. Anywhere not on the list is not serviced.


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I always use Kangaroo Cabs , the largest Taxi company in Colombo
They have a modern Fleet .They have an App to book on
If you email them they might have a special offer fare from the Airport
Its best to book via email then call them when you have landed
They have a service whereby they will send the Driver with a sign board but that costs extra and isn't worth it
I paid about $25 for the return journey from memory and less going in Colombo because of the special
Emirates has the best Lounge at CMB
The Fare is fixed .Tell the Driver to go via the Expressway [another 300 Rupees -less than $3]


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You can get a cab/transfer at the airport easily enough. You organise it in the terminal before you head outside...I wouldn't recommend heading out & grabbing a random taxi...security were chasing people away shouting 'robber, robber' when we ventured outside. We booked Kangaroo Cabs for the trip back to the airport - arrived on time & drove well...sometimes this can be rare in Colombo!

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