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  • After two years without international travel AMEX Centurion are increasing their annual card fee to 6500 p.a. In return you get a leather wearable, a metal card with a new design (rather than the old titanium one) and domestic transfers if you book domestic business class AND minimum 2 nights acc...

  • Emirates first class on A380

    Feb 14, 2022, 09:16 PM

    New suites on Singapore Airlines A380 can also be joined

  • AMEX Annual Fee during Pandemic

    Oct 10, 2021, 12:02 PM

    It's probably a bit late now but have any Platinum/ Centurion AMEX card holders requested +/- been successful in getting a waive or discount on their annual card fee?

  • This is a very valid point as your PCR swab can stay positive for up to 3 MONTHS post infection. Imagine if you do return a positive swab prior to departure, which is actually not that unlikely, and have to spend weeks waiting on a negative swab !!

  • Originally Posted by ChrisB I find the QF first pj’s pretty itchy. They’re not made from a comfortable material. I long stopped wearing them, and take my own, or ask for business class ones instead.... lol... I find the singapore PJs the most itchy. I'm 1.94 and fit the qantas 1st PJs

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