Another Startup Airline gone

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Jetgo goes into administration


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From Jetgo to Jetgone.

I'll show myself out...


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Never really thought they made much money despite high load factors, they lacked the economies of scale. I really enjoyed their service, but often times it felt a bit like a mum & pop business.

Without direct flights from ROK to OOL, my commute has just gotten crazy long again, so I will miss them :(


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Yep me too, was a regular on the TSV - ROK with family and business in both towns, ah well back to QF and the $300 - $400 + 1 stop each way.


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nonstop flights to Albury from Brisbane & Gold Coast will now have to be done via Sydney.


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hate to be flying to ABX with Jetgo to go skiing at Falls. Qantas/Virgin fares at last minute will be huge.


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The local government-owned airports at Dubbo and Albury among others have each ended up with a $250,000 or greater debtt. They may have been slack in chasing it up each month, but one problem is that for these councils, having an extra airline can be a source of pride for the local community (as well as a useful travel option), so that may cloud judgement.

Unfortunately the airline owes about $32 million if media reports are accurate. What will creditors get? 20 cents in the $?

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