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Anyone else suffering with the Qantas website? More often than not I encounter issues - particularly around loading flights or amending a search (the most important part of the site grrr). It's the only airline website I've noticed having such problems. If common, it's probably because of Amazon Web Services - but it really needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.


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Yes, just terrible, lots of site difficulties and please call the 13 number or try again later, not good enough.


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It can be problematic. Then again, the Virgin Australia Velocity website is nothing to write home about either, but QF's is a bigger failure as there's often more 'immediacy' associated with flight bookings that are not reward redemptions.


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Every time they 'improve' the website it is worse than it was previously.

Last upgrade I had 2 BA flights within EU disappear from my bookings. They were included prior to the upgrade but then vanished.
After many phone calls where the upgrade was blamed by staff, they eventually told me that it was new policy not to include one world partner bookings. Hahaha. Then how come it still appears on my mobile app?
This is only one example....I have more.

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Have had quite a few problems of late, mainly what are listed above. It is frustrating at best, inconvenient at best, and a real problem. Can Qantas please look at this?

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