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I believe it's more airport than airline that affects baggage delivery? I've had better luck at SIN than at SYD, MEL, AKL, CHC and ZQN.

EK does it very well at CDG though, with bags delivered on a separate carousel just for passengers in F and J and those holding Gold status and above.

Same for EK in Manchester, separate carousel


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Visual tags are only to assist handling and stated above it depends on the airport of arrival.

Departure airport computer will prioritise the bag into the correct container and even if loaded at aircraft door for unloading first at the arrival belt there are so many variables (see above also!) traffic,etc. its luck/fate really.



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Wow - flew Toronto-Chicago-John Wayne this week (yes, there really is a John Wayne Airport). Bags checked through as priority. Very first bag down the ramp. And then our other two bags were within the next 1/2 dozen. Kudos to the airport staff.


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My view is the earlier you check priority luggage in, the less chance of it coming off early. Don't know why but has been my experience

The best chance is priority transfer luggage on international services - it always comes out first at your final destination!

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