Buying a Sim card at San Francisco Airport

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Does anybody know if its possible to get a Sim card at SFO ?
My wife wants to get an Uber from SFO and we don't have roaming
I presume there is free wi fi at SFO if all else fails


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There is free wifi at SFO.

However US airports are quite bad in terms of providing arriving international travellers with US SIM cards; you may need to go to a ATT or TMobile store once you reach your hotel.

You may also consider buying a US SIM card from SIM corner, if you are flying via Sydney, or ordering one online if you still have time.

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SimCorner has now closed both of its kiosks at SYD & MEL, and operates online only. Whilst you pay a small premium by ordering from them, plus paying for shipping, their range of SIMs for other countries is increasing, and you have the benefit of being able to connect immediately upon touching down.


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I noticed last week that T-mobile travel sims can be purchased from the best buy electronic kiosks at SFO. They are the same as the ones i would normally get from simcorner, not sure how they would be activated, but certainly an option for when you land.


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Haven't seen any stores selling SIM cards in LAX and JFK on arrival. Perhaps the best option is go to downtown first and buy it afterwards.


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I've used in the past to get a sim card. A little pricy upfront and you need to order at least 2 weeks out from travel. I have had the service active for 2 years since my original purchase as I travel frequently between Australia and the US. Service is on AT&T's network which has good coverage. Once you get to the US set up the online account management so you can top it up using a credit card or prepaid travel money card. You can also use online services like to also add credit.

I am usually on the $45/month plan when I am state side but change it to the 25c / minute plan when I am not there to keep the costs down and forward calls to my US office number. A $100 USD recharge will give you 12 months activation credit and the cost / month will be down to what plan you pick.


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If you can get to a t mobile store they have a $30 USD plus taxes tourist sim. 3 weeks unlimited calls messages etc plus 2 GB high speed data then unlimited slooow data. You can’t extend the plan. At the end throw away the sim and get another. There are some slightly cheaper plans elsewhere but there are harder to find.


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I am curious as to why you don’t use roaming. For my last leisure trip to the USA I made sure that mobile data was turned off and diversion to voicemail was cancelled. I communicated via SMS, didn’t answer incoming calls except one where I recognised the number and made a few local calls at $1 per minute. The total cost of this was $20 which beats the cost of a local SIM card.

Wifi is everywhere and there is rarely a need to use a phone.

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