Prescription medication and transiting Doha?

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Prescription medication and transiting Doha?Sorry,incorrectly transmitted partial question.Tried emailing Qatar Embassy and online search for banned medications for Qatar to no avail.Does anyone have an idea where to get the information from that i require?


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If you can't find anything online then your best bet will be to contact the Qatari embassy in Canberra - their details are east to find through Google. I'd recommend emailing them so that you can print their response out to take with you in case there is any confusion (though I doubt there will be for a transit, it's usually only when you're taking things into the country that they care).


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Thanks am.I've emailed but nil response.


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What you'll find (based on experience from people that I know) is that you should be fine as long as you have the prescription along with the medication. No one from my friends has ever been asked at DOH about this though.

I think you might be confusing the matter with UAE's strict rules (but very relaxed enforcement).

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