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I recently came across this on the CX website in reference to the OW LAX lounge, "Cathay Pacific is proud to announce the opening of the oneworld Los Angeles Lounge. Inspired by California’s beach culture, the lounge was designed with a fresh and contemporary design in mind." Beach culture...seriously? What exactly about that horrible hole that reminds one of a beach?

However that is second only to the recent communications by QF on its relationship with BA, "British Airways (BA) continues to be a key partner, with Qantas Frequent Flyers able to earn points on eligible BA flights (with a BA flight number on their ticket). For members travelling on a BA flight from 31 March 2013, Status bonus and Minimum Points Guarantee will no longer apply and Discount Economy travel classes will earn points at 0.25 points per mile travelled". Yes you're such a key partner that we're slashing benefits!

You'd think Tony Blair's spin doctors were working for these airlines! Am I too cynical or have the communications department of airlines completely lost the plot?


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Maybe a bit cynical, but communications departments have definitely lost it!


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I think that communications people have forgotten what they are employed to do 'communicate', they really aren't communications folk but PR/Marketing. Only ever put a positive spin on things even when it is NOT positive. Just look at the Emirates/Qantas deal. From the spin you would think that their has only been positive changes, when in reality, as with all things, there are good, bad and indifferent. People become cynical because the 'communications' folk try so hard to make everything a positive.


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My personal favourite bit of spin is the announcement by Qantas of new 'lie-flat' business class seats for the A330 almost two years before any paying passenger will actually occupy one.


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Welcome to a new corporate culture where companies with bottom line worries and shrinking market share prefer to invest in spin than invest or make the decisions to turn things around. The bigger the company or brand the more invested in spin and media massage.

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