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  • What will Virgin look like now?

    Apr 20, 2020, 06:24 PM

    Well it looks like VA is going into Voluntary Administration, so what is VA going to look like in the future? And is there a future for VA?What do you all predict the future will look like?

  • PE is a complicated one for airlines to get the right balance. As Emirates have said, it’s got to be an upgrade of economy, not a downgrade of business.The business case will always lose if it cannibalises their business revenue.So can’t say I’d be getting too excited, I don&rsq...

  • Just bear in mind the number of flights being cancelled and passengers being bumped due to the 737 max at the moment

  • Best lounge in Tokyo (Narita)

    Apr 05, 2019, 03:03 PM

    The JAL lounge is great, but only accessible to JAL passengers during the renovations. Avoid CX at all costs

  • Originally Posted by djtech I feel the virgin one where the pilot feels scared in a race car was a bit confusing. Its not the best message to say that your pilots will be scared in the event of extreme speed such is the case in a plane crash. I don’t like the Virgin one either. It goes way...

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