• Great news from Singapore airlines and great to see the tradition of turning positive stories into Qantas bashing.Both great airlines with world class products, I'm only seeing positives for consumers here.

  • RIP superjumbo: Airbus axes the A380

    Mar 06, 2019, 06:13 PM

    Maybe have a look at there share performance over the last decade and read their financials mate.

  • RIP superjumbo: Airbus axes the A380

    Feb 14, 2019, 10:31 PM

    Airbus must hate the Boeing 777, it made the A340 obsolete in the 90’s and early 2000’s and there’s an argument the economics of the 777x has done it to the A380.Whether you’re a Boeing fan or you’re not, they got it right investing their money into the Dreamlin...

  • Is Qantas planning on moving first class to the upper deck? If so you’d think they’d place first class at the front of the upper deck meaning first class passengers could then see higher traffic through there cabin. Wonder how that will go down?

  • Totally agree Nick, the 747 was way ahead of its time and was/is the undisputed queen of the skies. I hope Qantas find some more domestic duties for the 747 as it’s farwelled from our skies.A beautiful aircraft that I’ve always enjoyed flying.

  • PE is a complicated one for airlines to get the right balance. As Emirates have said, it’s got to be an upgrade of economy, not a downgrade of business.The business case will always lose if it cannibalises their business revenue.So can’t say I’d be getting too excited, I don&rsq...

  • Just bear in mind the number of flights being cancelled and passengers being bumped due to the 737 max at the moment

  • Best lounge in Tokyo (Narita)

    Apr 05, 2019, 03:03 PM

    The JAL lounge is great, but only accessible to JAL passengers during the renovations. Avoid CX at all costs

  • Originally Posted by djtech I feel the virgin one where the pilot feels scared in a race car was a bit confusing. Its not the best message to say that your pilots will be scared in the event of extreme speed such is the case in a plane crash. I don’t like the Virgin one either. It goes way...

  • Originally Posted by Private Pilot ...hope Alan orders a whole lot of A350's. They're heaps more comfortable than the 777's Let's not forget the 777 was originally designed over 25 years ago, I think it only fair we keep open minds for the 777x.