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Hi Everyone,

Quick question.

Last week received Qantas Cash mastercard debit card in the mail (despite not requesting it)
With the enclosed letter it said that I can earn 1 point per eligible dollar purchase overseas and 1 point for every 2 dollars worth of purchase within Aus.

Booked a few flights over last week or so, but this is the true question.

Why does that letter state that I earn 1pt per dollar internationally and 1 pt per 2 dollars within Aus WHEN I checked if this was true byheading to the Qantas Cash/Qantas Money website and it said 1.5 pts per dollar spent internationally and 1 pt per 4 dollars within Aus?

Is this because I am a Silver QFF?

Also, considering I like to use Qantas Hotels where possible to boost points (And do not have a "credit card") would it be advisable to simply use this when booking QF flights/QF Hotels and ..... for my everyday spending?

Interested in your thoughts


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Everyone’s Frequent Flyer Card is now issued as a Qantas Cash Mastercard (which has the ability to upload foreign currency, not a credit card which is another product issued by Qantas Money).


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The name of the card changed in May 2018 from Qantas Cash to Qantas Travel Money.

In May 2017 the rates changed and you used to earn 1 point per $2 in AU and 1 point per $1 overseas.

Today you earn 1.5 points per $1 overseas and 1 point per $4 in AU.

There is no bosted earn for Qantas transactions so if you're purchasing Qantas flights in AUD then it would work out at 1 point per $4 you spend.

If you load with BPAY then there is no fee but loading from a debit card adds a 0.5% transaction fee. I wouldn't also use it for overseas transactions as the exchange rates are poor compared to regular debit cards and additional ATM fees are added as well.

That being said using it in Australia is fine and doesn't encounter any additional charges, limits do apply to a maximum of:

$15,000 in 24 hours
$30,000 in 7 days
$60,000 in 30 days
$100,000 in 365 days

So depending on your spending patterns it might not be possible to use this card to replace your debit card. Having used it before I personally stick to a debit card for overseas cash withdrawals (Citibank is the current one I use).


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Thanks for the reply.

Why would Qantas be so slack in sending me a letter dated 30 October with outdated information?



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User error by the sounds of it, it can happen. But it is 1.5 ppd international, and 0.25 ppd domestically.

Andrew Barkery

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Edit: ah, Bpay with QTMC is indeed free.

Had to pay the Bpay fee with the card a while back.
Something must have changed in the fee list.

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