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Hi all, I have been an Accor Plus member for less than a year and Platinum member for a few months. They emailed yesterday about a 'Travel Friday' promo with up to 50% off in Asia-Pac region between Jan 1st and Feb 24th next year - if booked by November 26th.

I gather it's for all Accor Plus members regardless of status level so thought it worth mentioning in case anyone didn't see the email. Worked out nicely for an upcoming Sth-East Asia business trip for me with the timing as I probably saved 3k on hotel bookings (or rather I spent the same but will end up in suites!).

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No, not everyone.

I am Accor base level, not sure what the name of this level is, if its Silver.

And on 50% off email fro me.

So its targetted.

EDIT: Ah, Accor Plus, which is the one you pay a bit more to be in.

I am just in the Leclub Accor, and no email offer.

Not in Accor Plus tho.

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Saw it - given I haven't stayed in an Accor hotel in Asia ever I thought it was a cynical offer...

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