Best resorts/hotels in Queenstown

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Just looked at the prices for accommodation in Queenstown and they weren't kidding. Hoping to get 1 night stay 15th to 16th Apr but 4 star accommodation goes for over $300 a night (Sofitel, Novotel, Hilton, etc). I was aiming for a budget of around $250 AUD per night and so far have found Holiday Inn and Mercure to be reasonably priced. What is your experience with these properties and any property suggestions in Queenstown?


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Mercure is nothing special but location on the lake is stunning.


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If you want to stay around that budget I'd recommend looking for an Airbnb if you don't mind that option. Should be able to find a pretty good house for a night


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Lots of good Airbnb’s. Even though it’s easy to get around I suggest staying close to town unless you’re there for a particular reason for example Golf at Kelvin Heights stay at Kelvin Heights.

If I go specifically to snowboard I’ll stay at the Hilton for it’s location however just a general holiday I’ll stay in town at an Airbnb

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