Flying Qantas Syd-LAX-DEN return DEN-DFW-SYD.

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Flying Qantas Syd-LAX-DEN return DEN-DFW-SYD. I am a QFF Platinum, but only normally fly domestic. I would like to know about my options with airport lounges on these routes and any travel tips, if any?


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You can acess the QF First Lounge in SYD on your departure. AA Flagship Lounge in LAX if you are departing for DEN from T4 on AA. AA Admirals Lounge at DFW or the QF Contract Lounge at DFW.  At DEN, you can access the joint BA-AA lounge. If you are intending to have a drink at the AA lounges (except for the Flagship lounge), do obtain drink vouchers from the reception otherwise you will have to purchase your drinks in the lounge. I have attached the link of an AA video of the lounge at DEN.  Hope this helps.


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I assume your American connections are on AA? If so, you can access the QF First Lounge in SYD, Flagship Lounge at LAX in terminal 4 and Admirals Club in Denver.  You will need to transfer in LAX from the Bradley Terminal to Terminal 4.  Security checks in America is horrible.  Don't expect to much in the way of complementary drinks or food in the Admirals Club.  American Airlines do not do flight announcements in their lounges.  They will give you soft drinks, tea/coffee and generally have a plate or 2 out.  Qantas uses an associate lounge at DFW.  Flying American is just like Jetstar, you get very little from them even in first. You can check in at the Business/First Counters in America and the Qantas First Suite in SYD.  Allow yourself plenty of time at SYD Lounge, it is well worth it.


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I do this trip 3-4 times per year from Perth - Sydny - LAX- Denver or Dallas - MSP.

Sydney QF first lounge is a treat.  Arrive with enough time for a meal.  On arrival at LAX with QF, there's agood chance you'll arrive late (allow an hour).  You'll then have a long walk and Q-up to get through immigration for maybe an hour, and then once you get past these guys and get your bags, you'll Q-up for another hour to get out of the baggage hall.  You're then outside the airport security.  If flying AA, you'll need to walk to the AA terminal and check in and get a boarding pass, then clear  US security to get back into the secure area.  Allow an hour for this to happen.  So you'll need 4-hours minimum to connect with any US domestic flight on arrival into LAX.  5 or more hours is not unusual to do the above clearances, if arriving late on the Qantas plane.  When I arrive, I book into the Hilton and just stay over night and get onto US domestic the next day.  Then I don't worry about missed connections.  Once inside, you can get into the Admirals Club as a OW Emerald.  The Denver flights sometimes leave from a remote terminal so you'll need to get a bus.  Allow enough time. In my experience, all US domestic  flights by any airline are often cancelled last minute so be prepared with plenty of stuff to do while sitting around in the USA.  I often wonder how they ever managed to put a man on the moon!  Dallas is pretty straight forward, It has multiple terminals in a "ring" with a train that links them all around.  Easy enough.  Denver is often a place with severe weather.  Winter snow storms and summer lighting storms.  You'll often get cancellations at Denver.

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