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Good Day,

I am a Qantas Platinum member. If I fly using Flydubai do I get all the benefits I get like flying emirates or nothing at all?



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You get nothing. Even though they're both owned by the government of Dubai, Fly Dubai is a separate airline which has nothing to do with Emirates. They're also supposedly a Low Cost Carrier so you only get what you paid for.


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I can't find a specific answer, but THIS article says

Although not as extensive an arrangement as its alliance with Emirates, the ‘interline’ agreement between Qantas and flydubai allows Qantas travellers to book connecting flights from Emirates’ Dubai hub onto flydubai routes on a single ticket.

(There’s no earning and burning of frequent flyer points, however, because in common with many low-cost airlines flydubai doesn’t have a frequent flyer program.)

I would expect very little recognition of your status.


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@MRYJDrake, as per FlyDubai's own website :

"Emirates Skywards is now the loyalty programme for flydubai, so you’ll be able to earn Skywards Miles, as well as Tier Miles, every time you fly with us or with Emirates, enhancing earning and spending opportunities."

I think many would blanch at the description of FlyDubai as a "LCC". There are very few LCC's with a fleet of B787-8MAX and even fewer still with a Business Class equipped with Lie-Flat seats.

In Economy, it has three (3) primary fare classes - Lite, Value and Flex. Lite is similar to LCC, with paid luggage, BoB food and paid seat selection (JQ model). Both Value and Flex fares include luggage, food etc. somewhat similar to the QF model.

I think a more fitting and appropriate description would be a "Low FARE airline" rather than "Low Cost Carrier".

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Interline agreement should allow bags through to destination. Though this would relate to flights made on same booking as your QF flight that includes a flydubai leg. If your booking is solely flydubai then you’ll get no other benefits. Nearest analogy is that as a One World Emerald with BA I get no benefits / status recognition if I fly Jetstar although obviously do with Qantas.

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