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Hi all,

I will be flying to Honolulu from Sydney and several days later Honolulu to Boston, all booked on one ticket with 3rd party online booking engine.
So my query is around my velocity recognition with Hawaiian. From looking online it appears my international flight should be fine, with lounge access in Sydney and decent baggage.

Just wondering will my velocity platinum offer me lounge access before my domestic flight to Boston days later and if I will be stung for baggage fees?



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Velocity Platinum (or Gold) don't get any benefits on Hawaiian except for lounge access in Sydney and Honolulu when traveling on Hawaiian Airlines flights booked as a VA codeshare.

It sounds like your booking is with Hawiann Airlines HA flight numbers and so no benefits will apply and if you're over your ticketed lugage allowance then you'll have to pay up.

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This question and the answer piqued my curiosity. It seems Hawaiian doesn't provide anything for Velocity members. The lounges you can access when flying on the VA codeshare are not Hawaiian's lounges, they are The House in Sydney (Virgin's lounge) and the Delta Skylounge in Honolulu ... which suggests Virgin has organised these separately from Hawaiian for its customers.

Has this always been the case, or is this a recent development?


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When I flew as a VA Gold 18 months ago it didn’t need to be booked as a codeshare just flight just one that VA does codeshare on.

I was booked with a HA number and used the Skyteam lounge in Sydney and then the Delta Sky Club in Honolulu, the Sydney lounge has obviously been changed now since Virgin opening the house.

As far as baggage goes Hawaiian do offer 2x 32kgs between Australia and Hawaii but for some reason just about every other destination has fees or isn’t as generou

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Yeah, Hawaiian really gives no recognition at all for Velocity members: took a return trip last year as Velocity Gold between Brisbane and Honolulu, and there was zip: one of the reasons I've stopped bothering to chase Velocity status, because just about every time I've wanted to use it for something, it's been useless internationally.

My tip if you're not flying business class would be to do online check-in before heading to the airport (which takes a good 5-10 minutes as there are so many questions), because in Brisbane at least (and one would hope, Sydney too), there's a separate check-in line for those who've checked-in online, versus the regular economy lane which was about 10x as long, and which people could only join after using the airport kiosks first.

Priority Pass gives access to Hawaiian's lounge in Honolulu, where Velocity does not. It's not a particularly flash lounge and there isn't much to speak of in the way of food (a few packet chips and breads if I recall), but better than nothing!

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Oh, one more tip: hold onto your boarding passes until the points have landed in your Velocity account, as Hawaiian is notorious for not crediting points properly. Had to submit a manual claim via Velocity which required the tickets and boarding passes, but did get the points and status credits I was owed in the end.


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I did this for a day trip I booked with a tour company which included an internal flight to an island, after which I looked up and found Hawaiin was a Virgin partner. Also had the points credited upon returning to Australia.

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