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Hi all,

Have a booking in April, Sao Paulo to Barcelona scheduled arrival of 8:35am, landing at Terminal 1 (for now). Then have a different booking for Aegean flight from Barcelona to Athens departing time of 11:35am also supposedly leaving terminal 1.

Does anyone have much experience with Barcelona airport and getting through immigration, bag collection and customs and moving back to the departures area?


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I did a transit here a few years ago. I had a Singapore airlines flight get in about 7am and a Vueling flight to Ibiza about 5 hours later. Honestly it was a pleasure to transit. Remember that your flight to Greece is domestic EU so you have to pickup your bags and recheck them in. The Barcelona terminal is extremely nice to transit in with a great outdoor bar in the middle.


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I find it really easy to transit. You will be effectively a domestic flight for your second flight so you have plenty of time, even if you have to recheck your bags in BCN. The Schengen is quite good for food and things to look at.

Note: your terminal won't change. The other terminal is for ultra low cost airlines.


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Super easy to transit. It's a busy airport but also very big spacious and well planned so nothing takes long.


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Thansk for all the feedback, sounds like I should be ok getting off one airline, picking p bags and transitioning through to the next flight!

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