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I'm planning a return trip SYD to NYC/WAS this May and am wondering which are the better premium economy offers ex Australia? Any suggestions?


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Virgin Australia and Qantas (A380 better than 787) are both good. Also Air NZ has a really good product if you don't mind an extra stop in Auckland.

I'd go with whichever your main Frequent Flyer program is. If you're going purely with price, I find Air NZ often have very special deals on (under 3k return).

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In my experience AirNZ has the best premium economy product in the market, and very well priced for what you get particularly when on sale. As jianga mentions, the extra stop in AKL is a factor but the connections are fairly well-timed.

Something to be mindful of is that only Qantas offer premium economy right through to JFK, with no domestic sector in economy once you reach the States.

VA will get you as far as LAX, then economy on the transcon to New York, which is still a decent slice of the overall trip. NZ can get you a bit closer to New York on some days - IAH or ORD - but may nonetheless try to route you via SFO or LAX as well and from there onto United in economy.

A couple of other options that will be premium economy all the way to New York are Cathay Pacific (via HKG), JAL, ANA (both via HND/NRT) and China Airlines (via TPE).

China Airlines often have premium economy sale fares which are cheaper than QF economy (~$1600 return) and is, by all accounts, an excellent product however the recent SYD-TPE schedule changes mean a long connection in TPE - essentially a one-day stopover. JAL and ANA both have excellent premium economy products and sometimes very good pricing (~$2800-3000 mark).
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I think Air NZ has the best product with a better seat and the food and drinks are excellent compared to the older seat on QF a380 or minimal legroom on their 787. The VA seat is quite standard and not that special and same can be said for their food and drink.

Other options like Cathay Pacific and China Airlines may be a bit cheaper but China Airlines premium is more of a shell seat which I find less comfortable and I think the Cathay Pacific one is the densest apart from Qantas with thinner padding than others.

American's premium economy is not bad and the premium economy coming to Delta's 777 looks pretty decent too.

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Singapore Airlines, have had good deals on PE for direct SIN to NYC. Depending on where you live you might get a PE service to SIN. The NYC connection works best from PER, however SQ seem to have decided not to offer PE out of PER.

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Thank you all very much for your comments and advice. I am a QF Lifetime Gold and would much prefer to fly with them, but their fares are quite often stratospheric..! There is obviously plenty to choose from, and that includes excellent carriers going via intermediate points in NZ and Asia which I hadn't thought of. The better quality might be worth the longer travel time, but key deciding factors will be availability and cost. Thanks again.

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