36 hours in Munich - suggestions?

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Do a segway tour with City Segway Tours - Munich

You'll learn how to ride a segway (if you haven't done it before), see plenty of the city, be informed in the funniest possible way and have a lot of fun.
If you're lucky you'll get Tex as your guide!

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As mentioned above, Augustiners is a favourite. From there you can also do a short stroll through the mall, visit a couple of churches also. From memory there’s a St. mary’s In the mall near Augustiners. It looks nothing from the outside but so pleased my wife dragged me in to see it as it was quite spectacular. For these types of stopovers I’d also either book a half day city tour or just do the very touristy hop-on-hop-off. At least you’ll get to see a number of places in a short amount of time.


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Having lived in Munich for a few years, albeit a while back now, I always enjoyed strolling along Ludwigstrasse, Maximilianstrasse and through Schwabing too. Munich is an easy city to get around and quite friendly too. As with any central train station in Europe, you have to be on the watch for pickpockets and thieves so do be careful around there. Think someone already recommended the Englischen Garten in this thread- highly recommend as well. June is a great time of year, so enjoy.


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Climbing the St Peters church is an experience not to be missed. You can get there by walking from your hotel to Karlsplatz then down the main shopping street to Marienplatz which is a great walk. From there over to Odeonsplatz and check out the Theatine church. The Hofbrauhaus is on the way and fun for a visit and a beer and to have ticked off the bucket list, but the Augustinerkeller is nicer and where the locals would go - depends on your preference.There are actually a number of beer “Keller” around the city, most great, but Augustiner is more convenient for your hotel. Given it’s June I would also make time for one of the beergardens in the Englishergaarten park - the “Seehaus” on the lake is great.

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