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Hi all, I have well over 1,000 status credits with Virgin but only 6 eligible sectors (most of my travel has been with Etihad and Singapore on their flight numbers). I won't be doing any overseas travel for a while but would like to upgrade to platinum for some domestic travel (such as the complimentary business class upgrade!).

I figured the easiest way to get the extra sector is a sneaky getaway with my wife to Port Macquarie for a weekend as it's the cheapest direct flight from Brisbane (where I live).

I won't drop below the 1,000 status credit threshold until late August so my question is, should I go to upgrade straight away or wait till after July 6 (the Virgin account review date). Is there anything to be gained by delaying?

Poll: Should I upgrade to Platinum now or wait till after July 6?


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Depending on your current travel needs, you might as well wait until after the June long weekend as that will give an opportunity to do any last minute travel next year to re qualify before the big drought of public holidays in the second half of the year.

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