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I'm QF Platinum. My anniversary is on March 31. I will not be hitting Platinum again. Would the courtesy downgrade to gold happen automatically or is this something you request?

I'm also doing RTW flights on April 1 with QF/AY/QF. Would my downgrade happen before i check in for my flight on the morning of April 1, or does it take a while? If i'm platinum i could enjoy the premium lounges in SIN, HEL and LAX, hence the question. Thanks

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If downgraded, it's to Gold automatically - doesn't need to be requested. In my experience you keep the higher status for a few days after the expiry date just in case there are a few status credits due to come across that haven't landed yet, so in reality the status is lowered around the 3rd or 4th of 'downgrade month', rather than the 1st.

(Found that out by accident when flying on the day after my Qantas Platinum lapsed, and was still showing as Platinum for a few days until it updated to Gold: no issue accessing Platinum-level lounges on that day.)


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My Platinum Status lapsed due to a serious illness resulted in a long hospital stay and abstinence from work and flying. When I resumed flying I'd not even thought about my status changing, well not until I went to use the Qantas Club in Hobart. The girl on the desk took my card off me exclaiming loudly enough for the chap behind me to hear clearly what she was saying, that my status was no long Platinum and cut it up in front of me. I was somewhat taken aback by this but managed to ask how I was going to access the Club in Sydney (forgetting that it didn't really matter because I was flying Business Class). The woman tossed me a temporary card and said I could use this.... Was pretty unimpressed by this I can assure you....

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